A miscellaneous collection of licenses

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Sometimes you need a license more esoteric than the WTFPL. This collection of strange software licenses should keep your project contributors preoccupied.

The Anyone But Stallman License arose from a strange conversation in #osuosc on Freenode. It precedes the Anyone But Richard M Stallman License written by landondyer by about three months, and is designed to be maximally forbidding to RMS.

The Schrödinger License may now be safely linked to for discussion, but becomes exceptionally viral if used in a project.

The Bugs License takes the "feature, not a bug" motto and turns it into a core part of the software development experience.

The Fight Club License is a memetic hazard. Do not click the link if you are not ready to use the Fight Club License.

The Mephisopheles License is based on an XKCD strip.

The collection also indexes a collection of other licenses, which are interesting and amusing for their own reasons.