CSS talks at Collegiate Web Developers Group

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After the break, find the slides (including resources links) and talk summaries from my September 2015 talks at Collegiate Web Developers Group at the Ohio State University.

September 15: slides

  • Defining 'Cascading Style Sheets'
  • Including styles on your page
  • What you can do with CSS
  • Basic styles: Box model, borders, triangles, underlines, backgrounds, iframes, lists, tables, border radiuses

September 22: slides

  • Units
  • Pseudo-elements
  • Positioning
  • Grids
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Media queries
  • Z-indices

The slides were hand-built. If you're interested in how they were built, check out the source code.

These talks were followed by Eli Gladman's Advanced CSS and Preprocessors talk. For the full Autumn 2015 schedule and links to other slides, check the organization's semester plans repository.