Mirror Lake Jump coverage

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Students were encouraged not to jump in an email sent by the university Monday morning. "The combination of cold weather, alcohol, wet clothing and the slippery lake bottom can lead to lots of bad things," vice president for Student Life Javaune Adams-Gaston wrote. "I promise that your Ohio State experience will not be diminished for missing this."

Some students disagreed, including fourth-years Jeff Michael and Tyler Stauch, who paddled a canoe in Mirror Lake for a few minutes at about 8:30 p.m., before police ordered them to remove it.

"We're all about Buckeye Nation and the tradition," said Stauch, a business major, standing next to his canoe, which had a sail emblazoned with a Block 'O' and the word "tradition."

Full article at The Lantern, with a followup article by Becca Marrie.

When I was trying to get a crowd size estimate from the OSU police at the scene, I spent at least 15 minutes trying to get a response from someone at the command center, a collection of tables in the Mirror Lake Creamery & Grill in the basement of Pomerene Hall. No one going in, no one coming out would answer my question. No one would say where to find someone who could answer my question.

Five minutes after I left the Creamery, I ran into Chief Denton, who pointed me to Deputy Chief Morman, who he said was his official crowd-size estimate person. Thirty seconds later, I had my crowd-size estimate.

image Children's bouncy balloons kept students out of the deep end. Published with permission of The Lantern, Ohio State University.

image1 Campbell Hall stands resolute above the cordoned-off deep end of Mirror Lake. Published with permission of The Lantern, Ohio State University.