Voldemort Dead

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Voldemort was killed Tuesday in a battle with Harry Potter. During Voldemort's siege of Hogwarts, Harry Potter surrendered to Voldemort's forces in the Forbidden Forest and was killed. Through unknown means, the Boy Who Lived survived death a second time and returned to Hogwarts, where he killed Vodemort in a duel.

The details of how Potter killed Voldemort are unknown.

Voldemort's attack on Hogwarts began Monday, shortly after Voldemort became aware of the presence of Potter there. Voldemort had been chasing Potter, whom he viewed as a threat to his continuing conquest of Magical Britain.

After a fifteen-year peace when Voldemort was assumed dead, Voldemort was resurrected three years ago by his servants, who used a Dark ritual of unknown procedure. Voldemort swiftly conquered the Ministry of Magic and ruled over Magical Britain through a puppet, former Minister of Magic Pius Thicknesse.

Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt has been named interim Minister, as Thicknesse was found to have been Imperiused by Voldemort or a minion. Several other Ministry officials have been replaced by their Deputies, and other Ministry positions remain empty.

Voldemort's social policies involved the imprisonment of so-called 'blood traitors' and the confiscation of the wands of Muggleborn witches and wizards. Azkaban was pushed to capacity with many imprisonments.

The Ministry will be setting up a reviews board to determine if any of the Voldemort-era arrests were valid, said a Department of Magical Justice official this morning.

Voldemort's original name was Tom Marvolo Riddle, according to an anonymous source in the Ministry.

Note, 2012: This article was written as a class exercise in one of my sophomore-year journalism classes.